Our IT experts are the best in this job. They have been well trained and they have great work experience and they are ready for the job. They will be the Laptop Doctors ready to serve you and help you with any laptop emergency and provide great care for your laptop.

Our laptop doctors will be giving you advice on how to take care of your laptop to avoid further damages and give you satisfactory service for your unit.

Our History

Monitor Hospital was formed in 1995, we have an established repair centre for repairing all brands and types of Monitors & Terminals, we have several large contracts, which have existed from the formation of the company. We have a reputable and high calibre in the marketplace with our clients.

Monitor Hospitals client base has resulted in a broader range of services, due to our excellent service and turn-around time, which includes specialising in Monitor repairs. From our successful monitor repairs, we have excelled our services to our clients. We then began PC repair, Inkjet & Laser printer repair & ongoing service maintenance.

With all our repairs, we use quality components and parts, after all the repairs are completed the repaired equipment is tested for 24 hours to make sure that it is functioning correctly. Due to our high-quality control, we have a low return on repaired equipment.

Any repairs done by Monitor Hospital have 90-day warranty return to base. We will then rectify the problem at no cost unless there is a different fault from the original fault.

Our Team

Monitor & Laptop Hospital team aims to help you with all your electronic and software problems, from Power problems, Cracked Screens, Dim Image, Booting, liquid Spillage, electric surges, motherboard malfunctions and up to the performance of your laptop we will help you.

Due to user’s average knowledge about laptops and limited information on how to take care of it, there are times when the user encounters problems and takes it for granted until it gets worse or stops performing.

Where Monitors & Laptops come to life.
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