We repair all brand Laptops in Sydney Metropolitan and CBD Areas.

Laptops play a major role in everyone’s life in this digital age.Globalization has removed barriers across various countries and distant offices.With BYOD is accepted in most organizations and companies.We understand the importance of this mobile computer in daily work atmosphere. These minicomputers often encounter software and hardware problems that interrupt the optimal performance of the CPU and effecting our communication,work and business. The common problems in this microcomputers are

Software issues:

Data corruption

Virus and Malware attacks

Accidental data deletion due to recent software updates or uninstallers

DOS attacks in wifi using users thinking machine.

Improper software instillation,configuration,licensing and  usage.

Driver installations and hardware compatibility issues.

Operating system uses in windows, OSX and Linux distributions.

Hardware issues:

Screen / display issues in led / lcd.

Dead battery, battery charging, no charge issues

HDD performance issues, no working of HDD, boot record failures, corrupted data.

Water spilled keyboards, laptop spilling with food or drinks.

RAM burnouts, motherboard burnout, problems.

WiFi Module not working / radio button issues.

External modem, CD/DVD writer or combo drive detection and working issues.

Dust accumulation and slow down of hardware performance.

Netbook and notebooks are very small and sophisticated devices and must be properly repaired and serviced by trained IT technicians. Proper and regular maintenance of your laptop will improve its life,longevity and delivers optimal performance all the time. At computer repairs network we have replacement parts for all brand laptops,netbook and notebooks. We have genuine parts to replace and repair your mobile computing device. Our 30 day guarantee on service gives you peace of mind, we are only IT support reaching remote suburbs of Sydney. 24/7 /265 technican availability makes us the best laptop repairs service in Sydney Metropolitan and CBD areas.

We are best Computer, PC repair service providers. We cover all Sydney and the following Areas.